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Donald Miller’s new book Coach Builder gives anyone with expertise an 8-step plan to become a self-employed business coach.

Book Releasing March 12, 2024

From business expert and best-selling author, Donald Miller

Host of the top-rated business podcast

Founder of the Business Made Simple Coaching Certification Program


Do you want to work for yourself, work fewer hours, and bring in more money than you do in your current career… all while doing something you love?

Many business professionals want to work for themselves, work fewer hours, and bring in even more money than they do in their current career.

They wonder if they could turn their skills into their own consulting business but don’t have the confidence to go for it. <em>Coach Builder</em> gives anyone with expertise an 8-step plan to start their coaching business and make a lot of money doing something they love every single day.

In Coach Builder, you’ll learn how to…

Create a menu of services you can sell to clients
Generate and manage a list of potential clients
Create a compelling website that attracts your ideal clients
Write and automate sales emails that land clients while you sleep
Create a marketing funnel and product ladder
Set realistic goals and accomplish those goals
Build or join a coaching community to help you grow
Navigate the nuances of the client/coach relationship
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Donald Miller’s speaking topics
your audience will love

  1. 1 The eight steps to build a profitable coaching business
  2. 2 How to turn your knowledge and expertise into a coaching career
  3. 3 Why many coaches and consultants struggle to find clients
  4. 4 How to scale your coaching business to seven figures and beyond
  5. 5 The secrets to conducting a great coaching session

How Donald Miller’s Strategies Have Helped Business Experts Launch Successful Consulting Careers

“2022 will be the most income I’ve ever had personally and it’s because of getting to start my own coaching business.”
— Pete Hixson

“My business has grown tremendously in the right ways. The revenue coming into my business in the last 11 months has doubled.”
– Stacey Ansley

“I’m now attracting the perfect customers for me. I just had someone say ‘I saw your website and knew instantly I HAD to hire you.’”
– Kelsey Hammer

Meet the Author

Donald Miller has been consulting and coaching for over two decades. He’s consulted some of the world’s top brands including TOMS Shoes, TREK Bicycles, and Tempur Sealy. In 2020, he founded the Business Made Simple Certified Coaching Program, where he’s helped hundreds of coaches start and grow their business. As a coach of coaches, he knows exactly what it takes to build a successful consulting career – and now he’s sharing eight secrets of success in his new book, Coach Builder.

Donald Miller is also the author of several best-selling business books including How to Grow Your Small Business, Building a StoryBrand, and Business Made Simple. His business-building frameworks have been used by consultants, coaches, marketers, business owners, and top brands from all over the world.

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