Want to Quit Your Job and Turn Your Expertise Into a Consulting Career?

Coach Builder gives you an 8-step plan to become a self-employed business coach so you can make great money doing something you love every single day.

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On-Demand Webinar: How to Sell Your Coaching Services

Many coaches miss out on sales because they…

– Fumble over their words
– Aren’t confident selling big clients
– Say the wrong things without realizing it

If you want to learn how to sell your services with confidence and authority, this webinar is for you!

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Do you want to work for yourself, work fewer hours, and bring in more money than you do in your current career… all while doing something you love?

From business expert and best-selling author, Donald Miller

Host of the top-rated business podcast

Founder of the Business Made Simple Coaching Certification Program


You’ve probably thought about turning your business expertise into a consulting career, but haven’t had the confidence to go for it.

Why? Because the stakes feel too high at this point in your life.

But if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll be stuck climbing the corporate ladder for the rest of your life.

Donald Miller has helped hundreds of business professionals quit their job and start and grow a coaching business to 6 figures and beyond – and he can help you, too.

In Coach Builder, you’ll learn 8 steps to help you go from a burned-out business professional to a thriving business coach who helps others thrive, too.

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How Donald Miller’s Strategies Have Helped Business Experts Launch Successful Consulting Careers

“2022 will be the most income I’ve ever had personally and it’s because of getting to start my own coaching business.”
— Pete Hixson

“My business has grown tremendously in the right ways. The revenue coming into my business in the last 11 months has doubled.”
– Stacey Ansley

“I’m now attracting the perfect customers for me. I just had someone say ‘I saw your website and knew instantly I HAD to hire you.’”
– Kelsey Hammer

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In Coach Builder, you’ll learn how to…

Create a menu of services you can sell to clients
Generate and manage a list of potential clients
Create a compelling website that attracts your ideal clients
Write and automate sales emails that land clients while you sleep
Create a marketing funnel and product ladder
Set realistic goals and accomplish those goals
Build or join a coaching community to help you grow
Navigate the nuances of the client/coach relationship

Burned Out and Bored With Your Current Career?

COVID-19 may have been the first time you realized your career wasn’t as fulfilling as you thought it was. When the pandemic hit, things finally slowed down enough for you to think and reflect.

You took a breather from the corporate rat race… and you liked it.

And now?

Your company is getting back to “normal” and the rat race is back on – but it’s lost its appeal. Somehow, you feel both bored and burned out in your job. You want something more – more time for family and home life, more fulfillment, and more financial opportunity.

But you love business and still want to use the skills you’ve learned over the years. So you’ve considered starting a consulting business – but the stakes feel too high to completely switch gears at this point.

But what if you had a proven plan you could follow to start your own consulting business?

Donald Miller has trained hundreds of business professionals like you to start and grow a coaching business – and many of them are making 6 and 7 figures a year.

He’s sharing all the secrets to building a successful consulting business in Coach Builder.

You’ll learn how to find clients, how to create a compelling website, how to create a menu of services, and so much more.

Don’t settle for a career that isn’t working for you anymore – pre-order Coach Builder today and build a career (and life) you love.

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When you launch a successful consulting career…

You’ll have total control over your income potential

When you work for someone else, there’s only so much you can do to increase your yearly income. As a self-employed business coach, you’ll never have a pay ceiling ever again.

You’ll get to do satisfying work every day

As a coach, you’ll get to use your business experience to help entrepreneurs and business executives solve problems and win in business.

You’ll get to work fewer hours

When you follow the steps in Coach Builder, you can work less hours while making more money – giving you a flexible weekly schedule to fit your lifestyle.

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Meet the Author

Donald Miller has been consulting and coaching for over two decades. He’s consulted some of the world’s top brands including TOMS Shoes, TREK Bicycles, and Tempur Sealy. In 2020, he founded the Business Made Simple Certified Coaching Program, where he’s helped hundreds of coaches start and grow their business. As a coach of coaches, he knows exactly what it takes to build a successful consulting career – and now he’s sharing eight secrets of success in his new book, Coach Builder.

Donald Miller is also the author of several best-selling business books including How to Grow Your Small Business, Building a StoryBrand, and Business Made Simple. His business-building frameworks have been used by consultants, coaches, marketers, business owners, and top brands from all over the world.

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